University of Essex Research Film – Interview with me on my research can be found here

Wildlives Rescue Centre (Presenter) – June 2012 – Mini documentary promoting the rescue centre and talking about the issues faced by British wildlife today – In Production due for release September 2012

Miniature Britain BBC – May 2012– Featured as Marine expert talking about marine productivity and plankton, also assisted on other parts of the show offering knowledge and advice – Aired 12th December 2012 – BBC1

Mitsubishi Research Film – Coral reefs in the Seychelles, corporate responsibility film highlighting where Mitsubishi’s conservation efforts go.


• BBC Radio Essex – The Dave Monk Show – 12th December 2012

Scientific Talks

12th International Coral Reef symposium (ICRS2012) – Cairns Australia – July 2012 – Working with Nature to Identify Coral Reefs with Increased Environmental Tolerance.

University of Essex Marine Seminar Series – May 2012 – Working with Nature to Identify Coral Reefs with Increased Environmental Tolerance

Reef Conservation UK (RCUK) – Zoological Society of London – December 2011 and December 2012 – Environmental Drivers of Susceptibility in Reef Building Corals

University of Essex Marine Seminar Series – March 2011 – Physiology of Coral Bleaching


University of Essex – MSc Tropical Marine Conservation Module – 10 lectures – April 2012

Posters and Stalls

Jimmy’s Farm Science Fair – University of Essex Marine Biology, Coral Reefs – Poster and Stand – March 2012 & 2013

University of Essex Graduate Forum – September 2011 – Physiology of Coral Bleaching

Schools Visits & Talks

I’m A Scientist Get Me Out Of Here – Winner of Wellcome trust schools competition aimed to give schools direct interaction with working scientists. Find out about it here

Clacton Coastal Academy – Marine Biology Taster – Life of the Essex coastline, around wind turbines and pond dipping practical, May-June 2013

Essex Children’s University Sessions – Saturday morning lecture on coral reefs aimed for the under 16’s, March 2013

St Benedict’s Catholic College -Marine Biology taster sessions, hands on with coral reef studies and lab techniques.

Seaford Head Community College – Getting in to science – Series of five morning talks on getting in to science and sharing my experiences so far. Sept 2012

Jimmy’s Farm Science Fair – What’s Cool about Coral talk – March 2012

Operation Wallacea Schools Program – Indonesia Field Site – July 2011 – Coral Bleaching and Conservation talks


Scientific Publications

Walsh, S-J., Brading, P., Suggett, D. J., Smith, D. J (2012). Working with Nature to Identify Coral Reefs with Increased Environmental Tolerance. Proceedings of the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, Australia, 9-13 July 2012 (In Press)

• Hennige S.J., Smith D.J., Walsh S.J., McGinley M.P., Warner M.E., Suggett D.J. (2010) Acclimation and adaptation of scleractinian coral communities along environmental gradients within an Indonesian reef system. Journal of Experimental Biology and Ecology 391: 143-152

Other Publications

Biodiversity Science – Understanding the drivers of coral bleaching for better reef management – Issue 5 – January 2012

The Rabbit Newspaper – Contributor – Since October 2011 – Science Editor – Since July 2012


Coral Reef Research Unit

Essex Sustainability Institute

Postgraduate Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Royal Geographical Society Climate Change Research Group

International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS Member)

STEM Ambassador

‘I’m a Scientist get me out of here’ Scientist

AHRC Digital Scholar

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