Around The World Challenge

I have a Dream….. or so the saying goes,

But I really do have a dream, an ambitious one at that, but one I’m working on slowly.

The world is such a huge place and there is so much to see….. I want to see it all.

From a young age I decided I wanted to go to every country in the world, I would often check up online at the current country count so I could work out how many I would have to go to per year.

Within the United Nations there are 193 member states, one observer state and 12 other states.

The United States’ State Department recognizes 195 independent countries around the world, this does not include Taiwan due to political reasons.

Therefore my list of countries includes 196 members!

Places that are commonly misconstrued as countries;
The big one – The UK….. The united Kingdom is a country, England is not… it’s a fact as much as you nationalists would like to believe otherwise we are not fully independent from Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.
Puerto Rico – Belongs to The United States
Bermuda – Is a British overseas territory, yep that sunny tax haven is actually ours!
Greenland – Funnily enough, although being larger than the country it belongs too, is part of Denmark
Palestine – A hot topic of debate, is it …. isn’t it?? Recognised by 2 thirds of the world but not the UN or the USA, so for now its out!

So how am I doing so far???

Well not to shabby, but could be better… Running total 27, 1 booked, 10 more planned in 2013 leaving 158 to go;

In alphabetical order
Australia – 2008
Austria – 2004, 2006
Cambodia – 2011
Finland – 2005
France – too many times to count!
Germany – At least once a year since birth!
Indonesia – Currently my second home
Italy – First time when I was 1
Latvia – 2006
Malaysia – 2011
Mexico – 2009
Netherlands – 2011
Norway – 2012
Seychelles –  April 2012
Singapore – 2011
Slovakia – Christmas 2012
Sweden – 2006
Switzerland – Just driven through
Thailand – 2006
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom – 2008
United States of America – 2011
Vietnam – 2011

So where next…. This year my New Year resolution is to go to 12 new countries in 2013! I was of to a flying start in Slovakia and have a trip to Iceland booked! I’m also planning on inter-railing from the Czech Republic to Hungary, then back through Slovakia and getting a bus over the mountains in to Poland. Hopefully I’m going to squeeze in a trip to Denmark to catch Sigur Ros at Roskilde music festival, then I’m thinking skiing in Bulgaria! So that’s 7 sorted, a potential conference in Israel would be 8, so then just 4 more to go… any ideas?

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