I’m a Gametarian Get Me Out There

Photo Credit Derbyshire Harrier

Vegetarian, Vegan, Piscatarian, Freegan, I’ve tried them all, well with exception to the one where you route in bins…..other than a Friday night! What I feel with all of these diets is a lack of self fulfilment. None of them are achieving quite what I want to get out of it. None of them give quite the message or tell the story I really feel passionate about.

Like many I’m an ethical eater. However, unlike my darling sister who doesn’t eat meat because animals are cute and fluffy, I’m all about the life led but the animal which I am cutting short. I want to take a step back to a more primitive time where we lead more of a hunter gather life. Not that I’m going to hunt all my own meat – which I have no opposition to doing, just no time. I just feel that we all should be given an equal chance at life and not breed to be forever destined for the dinner plate.

This is why I’ve invented my new diet – Gametarianism (pronounced: game-a-tarian)

The basics behind this diet are too – as far as possible – source just wild meat or game. The idea behind this is that the animals have been given a chance at life and equally their death is just another game of chance. In the same way we have a chance of being hit by a car, killed by a coconut or even a falling vending machine – these animals have an equal chance at life. The deer which I ate for dinner had the chance to frolic in all seasons, fall in love and rear young. It lived a fulfilling life where natural selection has taken its due course and led it to my dinner plate. Its genes have had a chance in this world and its genetic material lives on ….. or maybe not if it was genetically of a low fitness!

This is the story of life and I’m not here to preach to you about animal cruelty and force you to adopt my lifestyle. However I urge you to be conscious of where your food comes from. Don’t be afraid of taking responsibility for your food, don’t pretend it doesn’t have a face. Utilise the resources we already have, instead of creating a market where woodland is cleared for grazers. Of course there is not enough game in the world to provide the world’s population with its total protein demand. This is because we are heavily overpopulated and placing a bulging strain on our natural resources. But one thing I do know is there are rabbits being shot all the time for fun. Why not make use of this lean free range meat and know that if just a few people change their eating habits for the better, the world might just be a tiny bit of a better place.


I source most of my game from local farmers markets and my local butcher who usually has pheasant, partridge, rabbit and venison. However tesco does also source venison. All of the venison in UK supermarkets is 100% free range so don’t think that just because it’s from tesco its less friendly. Game is also cheap. I regularly pick up whole rabbits for £3.80, much less than a chicken, and venison burgers at tesco last month were on offer for £1.25 (usually £2.50).

A great company recommended by TV chefs such as Rick Stein and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (which is also Colchester based) is the Wild Meat Company, who stock local game in several farm shops, butchers and Co-ops in Essex as well as delivering around the country!

Great game recipes include:
Rabbit Casserole
Roast Pheasant
Venison Stoganoff

And my own invention Reindeer Tacos, a hit with my Norwegian friends!!

In Norway culling Arctic Hares is a part of life, especially on the northern islands where they quickly breed and become a nuisance. Photography by Elsa Naumann Photography


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