Curious Creatures – Blue Ring Octopus

This mystifying and beautiful creature is not as docile as it might seem, in fact it packs quite a punch! The Blue Ring Octopus can be found in interdidal seas of the tropics. Much smaller than you might think, they average just a few inches long and are masters of camouflage.These are trained assassins, holding one of the most potent venoms known to man. Just a small dose is enough to kill over 20 adult men in a few minute and there is no cure!

Aside from this, these creatures are the highlight of the seagrass beds. Hard to find and a pleasure to watch, nothing gets the heart racing like one of these bad boys flashing its colours at you.

This individual was spotted out of the water at low tide while taking a stroll around our tiny research island. We were all so excited, it was the first Blue Ring I’ve ever spotted in the wild and it delighted us with its colorful display before sliding off to hide in a hole.

Octopi belong to the Cephalopods, a group of super intelligent invertebrates. Having no bones to restrict them means they are super flexible and escape artists. My friend used to work at Chessington Sealife center, their octopus was always escaping from its tank, strolling down the corridor and in to other attractions! They were constantly trying to hunt it down.

So next time you are on the pristine beaches of the tropics think twice before venturing in to the water with no shoes on and watch out for a blue flash for an encounter to remember.


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