A Hebridian Adventure

On the road again, as the song goes I too am on the road again. Nothing like making the most of a week’s long statistics course in Glasgow, by ending it with a weekend in the Hebrides. The train from Glasgow to Oban is not a frequent one; in fact there are only three opportunities daily to make the three hour journey through the Loch Lomand national park toward the west coast of Scotland. On top of that there are very few ferries which connect to a train, and so its Friday night and I’m overnighting in the fishing town of Oban. Its surprisingly lively, I booked a cheap dorm for under £20 which happens to be above a lively bar. There are no issues with noise but its good to feel welcome downstairs for a warming cider and have been informed that an Irish band is playing tonight. However I I have opted to catch up with work write this blog post and get up early to check out the vast number of hiking shops with current sales before catching my ferry tomorrow morning. After a very unorganised start, yesterday I had no train or ferry ticket or accommodation sorted, I now am overly organised and already know my ferry is delayed by 1:30mins in the morning. Currently the full moon is wreaking havoc on the tides and there is an unusually high and low spring. This is why I already know the ferry can’t possibly leave until at least 10.30am. All the more shopping time!

I planned to have a relaxing weekend, just get away go for some walks and take photos and im going to do just that. I’m sailing to the port of Lochboisdale in South Uist, a mere 4:30min sailing time from Oban. This time of year is particularly good for spotting minkes, orcas and dolphins, so I plan to spend the journey up on deck with my eyes peeled and camera ready. I will then make my way to a small village called Glendale which overlooks the sound of Barra, here I found a very reasonable bunkhouse (£10) where I will spend two nights. I have then opted for the very un-environmentally friendly option of car hire. See I wanted to hire a bike, but the one bike hire shop is about 20miles north of where I am and the cost will be almost the same as a car. Plus the car will allow me to travel north to loch Lochmaddy in search of otters which is how I plan to spend Sunday. The islands are much bigger than i originally anticipated!

Fingers crossed that the weather holds out and that I spot lots of great wildlife!

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