There Could Be Trouble Ahead… But Hopefully Nothing But Smooth Sailing

So if my travels for this year hadn’t been enough, now I’m setting off for my main summer expedition season. It’s looking to be a hectic one, 3 countries, 70 days, 1 international conference, and a bucket load of work (and coral).

First stop Kuala Lumpa, now this was a bit of an accidental stopover. I actually was flying straight to Jakarta but due to an increase in flight prices going via KL was a better deal. Then due to some booking errors (maybe on my behalf) I have 3 days in KL so hooping to do some work and maybe catch a bit of local wildlife!

After that it’s onwards and upwards to my field research site in Indonesia. Hoga Island, a small mission but a great location. I’m there for two weeks to start experiments, get my students sorted and then I’m off again for a slight work detour. The international coral reef symposium is like the Oscars of the coral reefs world, only occurring ever 4 years this is an opportunity for me to showcase my work to all the top dogs in the coral world. I’ve been lucky enough to not only be offered a 15 minute talk in the coral bleaching session, but I’ve also had a paper accepted in to the conference proceedings so a very good opportunity. I’ll be networking and catching up with old friends, all in the backdrop of the iconic Great Barrier Reef!

After all that excitement its back to Hoga to finish my work for 6 more weeks. My aims are to finish up all my field work for my PhD, fingers crossed! Then to round it all off I’ve booked myself a cheeky 5 day holiday in Bali, it’s a long summer and I think I deserve it. I’m going to dive with manta rays and climb a volcano, not your typical summer break!

Then if all that’s not enough I come back to the UK, have to move out my flat and the jet off to Glasgow for a statistics workshop. Of course no workshop would be complete without a bit of sightseeing so on the Friday once I’m saturated with statistics I’ll be getting the train to Oban and a ferry over to the Hebrides!

So Hopefully I’ll be updating along the way and taking some fantastic photos to share!

Bon Voyage


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