Curious Creatures – Nudibranchs

I love Nudibranchs! They are a treat on any Dive and the colorful surprises of the ocean.

But what are they? Belonging to the same class as the garden snail they are marine sea slugs which feed in the same way as their terrestrial counterparts with a sharp and scraping radula. However they are not confined to algae but infact carnivorous and often cannibals! I like to think these Nudibranchs are hugging, however its more likely that one is eating the other!

Nudibranchs are notjust colorful for show, but like many other animals as a warning! Many Nudibranchs are actually poisonous or contain stinging cells that they ingest from their prey.

Many Nudibranchs also have fan like appendages attached to their backs, these are actually external gills and where they get their name from, branchia means gills!

So next time your out in the water from the UK to Australia look out for our Nudi friends and i promise you wont be disappointed!


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