Photography Fundraising

I LOVE photography, how ever my bank balance does not!

I feel that my hobby should pay for itself and so i’m hunting for ways to increase my photos profitability.

First i thought id love to host an exhibition people could buy marge canvases i know this one would sell well

However the costs associated with putting on your own exhibit are phenomenal, if you imagine the printing of a 70x40cm canvas is around £50, £30 if you wait for special offers and discounts (I know i just bought one!). For an exhibit you need at least 10-20 images, that’s between £300-£1000 pounds of start up, plus you might not sell them all and how much do you charge. I cant imagine anyone paying over £90 for a canvas so if you only sell 6 then you haven’t broken even!

Other ideas i had was printing images as posters then commissioning canvases, however even to get posters printed its still pricy and you need a frame!

Other ways to make money are to enter competitions or sell the photos to the magazines or Tv companies. However they are usually looking for something very specific and i dont think my photos are really good enough to win any decent competitions.

So what else is there, selling out and becoming a stock image contributor….. and well that’s exactly what Ive done, joined the masses and get paid pittance per image, but at least its something and my photos are being used and seen!

So for now, some shameless advertising, enjoy….

Check out My Gallery Here


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