Jimmy’s Farm Science Festival

What could sound more fun, baby animals, good food and loads of science fun! Last weekend I had the pleasure of participating in this annual family scientific event joined by a host of other conservationists, scientists and of course those all-important enthusiasts… the kids!!!

The festivities included explosions, close encounters and conservational activities and talks on both the outdoor stage and on exhibition stands within the large science experience marquis. Jimmy also put on tours of his famous farm where visitors could learn about the conservation of rare breed farm animals and check out the new arrivals in the form of super cute lambs, calves and tearaway piglets.

The reception was explosive… quite literally. As soon as the doors opened we were overrun by eager minds wanting to know everything and anything, gawping in awe at the exciting facts we offered.

While I awed both kids and parents with my facts on corals, such as how they can be used for bone grafts, the University of Essex stand also educated on; Nanoparticals, ocean productivity and how to get up close and personal with pants. We also took the opportunity of having with us our thermal imager to image all things living from bald eagles to everglade cat snakes!

One of my personal favorites of the weekend was Martin Rapley’s Big Bug Experience, mainly because I developed a close bond with a small green cold blooded friend called Colin.

Science festivals and experience days are an important way to inspire the next generation of budding scientists and something I love to be involved in. People say don’t work with kids and animals….. But I relish every moment!


2 responses to “Jimmy’s Farm Science Festival

  1. nice photos! I was just trying to get some photos of us at the science festival and came across your blog. hope you are well. Sam Pollard (from Coventry University)

    • Hi Sam, i think i might have some photos of your guys, i only put a few up on my Flickr page, if you give me an email i can send over any i find! Hope your well =)

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