A Taste of Norway

As a break from work and to catch up with a very good friend, this weekend i took a short visit to Oslo in Norway.

Having previously lived in Fenno-Scandinavia whilst working as an Aupair some 7 years ago, i am quite used to Scandic living and knew what to expect temperature-wise, although the guys behind be in the que to board the plane obviously did not as they failed to bring a coat, Fail! Friday night was a chilly -26 degrees centigrade, which made it slightly nippy for our photography trip on Saturday to Bygdøy.

Saturday was a great day although we may have overslept slightly after a few too many cocktails at the tiki bar , if your ever in the area I recommend the Aku Aku Chilli Punch. However we got some fantastic shots. I’ve recently been discussing a lot with colleges intelligent bird feeding behaviour in particular that of birds who crack open shellfish by dropping them from optimal heights depending on the weight of the shell. It was great to see this in action catching several herring gulls displaying this behaviour with Edible Mussels (Mytilus edulis) as seen in my shots below!

Also witnessed some great feeding behaviour on the ground with these gulls throwing the mussels around in order to open them.

A nice surprise was my first fighting of a Eurasion Widegen (Anas penelope) which i first thought was some kind of Pochard but later found out i was wrong. Never have me and my friend Elsa been so excited about a duck… true wildlife geeks!


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