Blogs I’d Like to Share and Thank, Liebster Blog Award

So i have been slightly negligent of my blog the past few months, posts have been few and far between, I even started writing some i did not finish. But it has been busy, it seems I only just got back from one field season and im already preparing to go again, where does the time go?

However what better way to share with you all those blogs which have helped me along the way and brough me great pleasure and inspiration. The Liebster Awards celebrate up-and-coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The aim is to spread the word about exceptional blogs that deserve more readership, by having each recipient of the Liebster Award highlight five blogs that he or she feels stands out in a crowd.

I was nominated by my dear friend Emma Leedham who actually was the reason I started blogging. We shared a tough year together, new city, new uni, new friends, but we got through it together and our blogs are something that will life in to the future and remind us of those times. He blog is fantastic, what I aspire to be and has recently undergone a name change, no longer will it be known as So what about seaweed but instead the melodic pipettes and paintbrushes.

So the Leibster, well it’s not just as straight forward as you may think, there are rules

1. Show thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them – here
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from some of the most supportive people on the internet—other writers and artists.
5. And best of all – have fun and spread the karma.

And so here I am spreading my love all over the shop!

My first nomination would be for Emma, but not sure if I can nominate back as its more about spreading the word which I have already done for her. So number one is now my very good friend Laura Bretherton aka Phytoplanktonic. Laura and I studied together at undergraduate level and now are reunited in our PhDs, we often spend time talking about nature and life problems but most of all out love for taking photos of birds and exploring wild places. Laure is a talented writer and artist and so id also like to direct you to her online store Squid Sticks and her informative twitter profile under her alias Phytoplanktonic.

Number 2 is my very good friend Elsa Nauman who although has neglected her photography blog recently (hint hint) maintains a wonderful flickr profile aswell. myself and Elsa also met at university and I consider her to be one of my closest friend. I’m also very excited to say im going to visit her this weekend in Norway so we can try out her new camera and photograph to our hearts content!

Number 3 is someone who I was connected to thorough the blogging world! Now I don’t have many follower, mostly friends but when I found someone who wasnt someone I knew personally I was very excited and even more so when I found her fantastic blog! This Liebster is for Steph aka Ink Chromatography for her great blog and for helping me with mine, something I am very grateful for although I may have not thanked her properly yet. I hope this makes up for it!

Number 4 is for a new blog I stumbled upon which reminded me very much of my friend Laura aka no. 1. Sea Horse, run is a fantastic blog run by children’s writer and illustrator Tammy Carter Bronson. I came across her blog while looking for children’s books based on marine life and was pleasantly surprised, her drawings are beautiful, informative and anatomically correct! If you have young kids who you want to educate whilst entertain then this blog it for you, as well as the book

Now im on to my last nomination, oh such a hard one but a fantastic blog ive come across is Southern Fried Science a collaborative blog run by 3 marine grad students. I actually have no idea if they have under 200 followers, but the blog is so good i have to share it, particularly contributor David aka Why Sharks Matter! I’ve spent hours tracking sharks tagged by the University of Miami because of him… great fun!

And so that is the end of my nominations, i hope you find something that interests you here, and remember spread the love!

5 responses to “Blogs I’d Like to Share and Thank, Liebster Blog Award

  1. Sarah thanks for the lovely comments, I’m so excited to see your blog directions (and also to see you really soon).

    I think David and I nominated you for some blog award (Bloggies or something similar) I think we will hear about that in March. I changed my blog name sometime last year, June or something, but I did it on the quiet as I wasn’t sure if I liked “pipettes and paintbrushes”…now just trying to find the time to learn some design software and design myself a logo!

    Also Laura’s pictures are so cute…

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