A Scientists Christmas Top 10!

Ever wondered what to get that budding science nerd for christmas? Well here is the ultimate top 10, plus a few stocking fillers for good measure!

Okay so i may have slightly stolen this idea from my good friend over at ‘So What about Seaweed’, however i think it could be a yearly tradition.

P.S these are definitely on my list so you know if you were wondering what to get me =)

No. 10 A customised Lab Coat Who said Scientists were plain and white??

No. 9 Shower Squids! Tired of losing your soap? Well this handy contraption keeps then all within arms reach (excuse the pun)!

No. 8 Periodic Table Refrigerator magnets! Now who wouldn’t want to geekify the kitchen! Fun for all ages, Nurture your inner geek, and grow it in your children!

No. 7 NERD Pajamas! Actually i already have some, but i love them… if i was super cool like those girls that go to the supermarket in their pajamas, this is what i would wear!

No. 6 Mug with a Twist. Now what scientist doesn’t love Coffee (or tea in my case)? Well now you can drink out of your Cool Colour Changing Weather Mug! Oo Yes! And if your feeling generous why not get the matching magnets!

No. 5 Science Ink by Carl Zimmer, Want to know what lurks beneath a scientists lab coat? Something ‘Ultra Geeky’ that’s what! If ever a Tattoo was worthwhile, these are them!

No. 4 A year Subscription to New Scientist or National Geographic, Standard Really!

No. 3 Sugru! Possibly the best invention ever, Funky Multi-Use Epoxy resin, Fixes Everything! Moto @Hack Things Better!’ Aint that the truth!

No. 2 Mini Planeterium with accurate Northern Hemisphere Constellations! Fulfilling a childhood dream of having the night sky within my own four walls! Something you thought only the children of celebrities could achieve!

No. 1 The EcoSphere! Self Contained Life, Self Regulating and Lives Forever!! Therefore doesn’t die when im on 6 months expedition! Do you know how hard it is to keep plants alive when neglected for long periods? I tried to get ‘Plant Babysitters’ but it’s actually a lot to ask of someone. So This Tops my List!!

And those all important Stocking fillers

Gallium – Solid at room temperature, but liquid at body temp, reminds me of my childhood, wishing i had a hat like Alex Mack!

Giant Plush Microbes Hell Yes! A completely useless desk companion!

A Pizza Pi Cutter Ultimate Geek Chic! Pull this out at your next party and prepare to be impressed!


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