Local Nature – Walton On The Naze

Last week i went to a local nature hotspot, Walton on the Naze, which is a mere 20 mins by car from colchester. we were trated with a host of wildlife on the walk along and past the Naze. No seals but these can often be encountered if your lucky!


2 responses to “Local Nature – Walton On The Naze

  1. Hi, I was there last Sunday. At about 4:30 I looked out opposite the steps to get down to beach and was down on the wall. I saw an animals head pop out of water and on first impression it looked like a leopard seals? It popped up a few more times. A few months ago I found a porpoise on the beach to the right of the steps on the beach. This had a big bite out of it! What are the chances there could be a leopard seal ?

    • Hi Robert, Leopard seals are only found in Antartica and are very very large and aggressive, i wouldn’t like to meet one on a dark night! what you saw was either a harbour seal or a grey seal which are the two species found here in the UK, its quite hard to tell the difference especially if you’ve just seen him pop up at a distance. Chance are it was a shark who had a bite out of the porpoise, we have several in our waters far of shore and then he was likely swept in with the tide. nice spot and keep going back to spot more wildlife!

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