Janes Walk – Kings, Castles and Ghouls

Colchester is a town of great history, one of the longest histories in the country infact owing to its title of the oldest town in Britain and the first capital of Roman Britain, first recorded in 77 A.D.

The Roman wall around Colchester, or Camulodunum as it was previously called meaning “the Fortress of Camulos”, is believed to have been built between the years 65 to 80 A.D which makes nearly 2000 years old and is the oldest known Roman wall in Britain. The Balkerne Gate was the western entrance to the town and is the largest surviving Roman gateway in Britain.

Colchester Castle is an 11th century Norman keep and is built on an old Roman temple. Few traces of the outer buildings, walls and bailey remain. The castle is rife with history of prisoners, disease, witch hunts and siege. Jane’s walk provided us with an exclusive night time tour of the castle and its grounds exploring the colourful history and myths and legends which have accumulated over the years. Usually the castle park closes at 8pm; we got run of the ground until 10pm and proved an eventful evening.

A trip to Colchester castle is defiantly a must, and although you may not be as lucky as to be let free after dark, visit the museum during the day to see roman artefacts and you might get lucky and spot a ghost cow during the less busy hours!


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