Tuna Update!

Further developments in the field of sustainable Tuna sourcing.
You can keep up to date with the Greenpeace campaign here

Currently 4th in the Tuna league have committed to sourcing 100% sustainable Tuna by 2015

Used to be bottom of the Tuna league table, but last month, after tens of thousands of phone calls and emails from campaigners, have now released a statement committing to source 100% from pole and line caught fisheries by 2014.

After being left joint bottom of the Tuna league after Princes announcement, Morrisons, were quick to follow stating they will now source line caught Tuna and went further to add that it will be sourced in the UK from Cornwall, this gives them bonus points for low food miles!! However Cornish tuna is only available seasonally. Other canned Tuna sourced elsewhere will become 100% pole and line caught by 2014.

John West
Currently have been left at the bottom of the Tuna league and have as of yet failed to make any commitments surrounding sustainable sourcing! The closest they have got so far is announcing they will source 20% of its UK tuna products from pole-and-line catch by August this year.

Many of these changes have only come to light in a relatively short period following campaigns from TV chefs and Greenpeace. It just shows what changes the market can force when they work on mass!

Why not put the pressure on John West who now stand alone and send then an email from the Greenpeace website, they have already done the legwork just add your name and click send!


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