Were Going To The Zoo!

So last weekend i had the pleasure of going to Colchester Zoo, which was the first time in ages that i went just to look around rather than work related business. I had forgotten how big the zoo is, its really a great day out if you are ever in the area.

These are my top picks for the day

Kingdom of the Wild

These multi-species enclosures really are spectacular and are really the highlight of many zoos which i have visited. The highlights here are the baby Rhino and Pygmy Hippo, unfortunately i didn’t get any good photos due to them being inside, damm perspex!

Lion Rock

It was great to see the male Lion out in the outdoor enclosure as the past few times I’ve walked past he has always been in the indoor pen.

Leaf Cutter Ants

There is a magnificent Leaf Cutter Ant colony inside the kingdom of the wild building, the colony has been growing for two years and is an amazing sight to watch. Leaf cutter ants are quite remarkable and next to humans build the second most complex societies on earth,creating hierarchical societies of over 8 million individuals. Leaf Cutter Ants can carry over 10 times their weight of vegetation back to the nest to feed their fungal garden, which serves to feed the ant larvae.

Familiar Friends

This cute petting zoo with a twist combines familiar British livestock with more exotic species from Africa and Australia.

Others to Look out for

I was really surprised to see many of the wolves out as often they are hidden away in their den and i cant remember a time i have has the chance to see them, however today several were basking in the spring sunshine.

Every one loves a bit of Meercats! This one was particularly cute digging away.

These are just the cutest pair of Fennic Foxes curled up together.

A rare Snow Leopard also enjoying the sun, snow leopards are critically endangered and id like to draw you toward a recent conservation success story regarding crazy hunting quota in Mongolia on these dwindling species.


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