Which Fish Where????

I often have people ask me, what fish should i eat, which has maintainable stocks and is sustainably sourced. Well this is a pretty hard question to answer, sure there are preferable fish species but you have to look at where they are sourced and how they were fished.

This has given me the idea to make my own best buy guide. Basically over the next few months i will trawl the supermarkets and make a guide to all fish sold, which is the best and the worse. I will start with the major supermarkets and then try and make a Colchester and Seaford guide and maybe even a Norwich and Brighton on if the first are successful, These will include the local fish mongers and markets, so you will have no excuses! This is a pretty big task so may take a while but hopefully i will make a start and add to it as i go along, i will try and make it accessible somewhere so it will be easy to check and update. not quite sure on the logistics yet but i will get there. This task will coincide with an article I’m writing on sustainable fisheries which I’m hoping to submit to a magazine or will just publish here if all else fails. After completing my Masters dissertation on the topic its something i have become very active in and would like to educate the world, or at least my friends and family who bear to listen to me! I know a lot of people have become interested in this topic through TV shows like Hugh’s Fish Fight, so I’m hoping to make it that little bit easier, at least for those who live in my area and otherwise endure my wrath!

Until then, i have trawled the net for some guides to get you all started including UK, USA, Sushi and Indonesia (for all those out there now or coming with me in the summer). Click on The links for pdf guides or Download the images.

Sustainable Fish UK

Sustainable Fish USA

Sushi Guide

Sustainable Fish Indonesia


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