So this is my blog, I’ve joined the bandwagon and going to write about my musings here for you all to read. I guess first I best introduce myself, my name is Sarah-Jane and I’m a PhD candidate at the university of Essex in the UK working on my thesis entitled ‘Coral Physiology’ Broad I know but it will be finely tuned by the time I’m done with it. So I’ve just begun this journey of a PhD and so far life is stressful! I mean I enjoy it, I love still being a student, the university, seeing my friends and my aquarium (although it is also the bain of my existence!) however, there are not enough hours in a day, week or month and time is flying by at light speed!

Basically I’ve been here since October and what do I have to show for it?

Hmmm… well I have some notes typed up. I’ve attended a few lectures; I’ve cleaned a lot of algae, cut up a lot of coral, choked on a lot of seawater, cleaned more tanks, asked a million questions and really gotten nowhere. Well maybe that’s a bit of an over exaggeration, I have learnt a lot of new methodologies, I can now make saltwater pH buffers and perform nutrient analysis on the bench; I can saw, drill and construct out of acrylic; I know how to run a marine aquarium and all the tank chemistry; I know how a hermit crab murders innocent fish; and I know how saltwater ruins manicures!

I’ve got a lot of ideas, just not the resources to implement them, I think half of your PhD is trying to get budget codes to pay for super expensive equipment, borrowing chemicals and glassware and convincing everyone you know what your doing.

However I’m hoping that things will fall in to place just hoping sooner rather than later.



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